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San Francisco : East Bay : South Bay : Suites : Oakland : Marin : Mastering Studios
Rehearsal Spaces

San Francisco:

Boss Studios
Closer Recording
Deep Wave

Different Fur
El Mundo Bueno Studios
15th Street
H.I.T. Wall Studios
Hyde Street Studios
Initial Recordings
louder studios
Mr. Toad's: Recording & Media
Moulton Studios
Outpost Studios
Polk Street Recording
Potrero Post
Stephn Prutsman
Pyramind Studios and Learning Facility
San Francisco Soundworks
Sisyphus Sound
Studio 132
Studio 401
Sy Klopps
Take Root Recording Studio
Tarpan Studios
Tiny Telephone
Toast Studios
White Lighter

East Bay:

Bay Records Recording Studio

Bayview Studio
Broken Radio
Live Oak Studio
Fantasy Studio

Microdot Recording Studio
Red House

South Bay:

The Annex

Biklops Recording Studio
Final Mix Studios
Hibiki Studios

OTR Studios
TecStiX Productions
Whatever Studios


Tim Gorman
Digital Basement
Michael Winger


Dance Home
Grill Recording Studios
House of Faith Recording Studio
My Sonic Temple
New Improved Recording

Pajama Studios
Sharkbite Studios
Skyline Studios
Studio 3431 Harlan


Bocean Studios
Conscious Sound
Laughing Tiger Productions
Netherlands Sound Recording Studio
The Plant Studios
Prairie Sun
Salamander Sound
Studio D
The Toe

Mastering Studios:

John Cuniberti
Paul Stubblebine

Mike Wells
Stan Ricker
Michael Romanowski
John Golden

Rehearsal Studios:

Audio Box Studios
Bella Vista Studio
H.I.T. Wall Studios
Lennon Rehearsal Studios
Rehearse America Inc.
Renegade Studios
Secret Studios
Whatever Studios
3rd Street / Yosemite