We want to support local bands. Period. We want you to hear them which will make you want to see them which will make you want to buy all their records. This will allow the bands to quit their day jobs (unless they really like their day jobs) and make more music and make more records and and play more shows. This in turn will cause other people to pick up instruments and write songs and put together bands and make more records and play more shows. Can you seel where all this is going? It is the true circle of life.

All the bands you will hear on this RADIO STATION are local to the San Francisco Bay Area. Some may be old, some may be new, some may not appeal to your tastes but keep listening– like the Bay Area itself the station's strength lies in its diversity


We made this for you. We hope you like it. But, if you wish that you heard someone that you aren't hearing now, or wish that maybe you were hearing yourself on here, maybe you should email us and let us know what's going on. EMAIL US. Click here to find out who's in rotation?

Half Mile II Radio

Current Status: ON AIR

Please remember – we are just starting to build up our library and are working round the clock on getting MP3's and CD's from bands so that we can get more music for you to listen to. SO, please don't hate us if you hear more than one song by the same band – besides, what's so wrong with that anyway? Also if you are using a dial-up connection the stream will stall and basically sound like crap. We hope to have an lo-fi stream available soon for those without broadband.

Local Radio:

Bagel Radio
Shredding Radio

KUSF: Fridays: All Bay Area music, featuring live
;in-studio sets by local bands. Hosted by Terror Bull Ted. Mail releases to: KUSF 2130 Fulton St. San Francisco, CA 94117 re. Submissions: New Music Department kusfmusic@usfca.edu and (if applicable) attn. The Local Music Show.

This show plays local music from all around the country, not just from the Bay Area. Send to: The Next Big Thing, attn: Marshall Stax KALX-FM 26 Barrows Hall, #5650 Berkeley, CA 94720-5650 NOTE: This show is only for cassettes and CD-Rs, not manufactured CDs or vinyl. To get your music to the rest of the KALX DJs, send it directly to
"Music Department" at the same address.

hosts one new artist live in KZSU's studio each Wednesday at 9 pm. Host: Big Chief. send a tape, CD or record to: KZSU attn: Wednesday Night Live PO Box 20190 Stanford, CA 94309 and send a copy to the appropriate music director: KZSU Music Department PO Box 20510 Stanford, CA 94309

Soundcheck Live 105 (KITS)
"spinning the latest in new imports, indie recordings, and local bands." Host: LIVE 105 Music Director Aaron Axelsen. Send To: LIVE 105, 875 Battery Street, Second Floor San Francisco, CA 94111