So what's the NEWS? Well, here's what we hear's happening. 'Course you realize, we don't know everything – even though we do know mostly everything. So as usual, DROP US A LINE if something so exciting and so amazing is about to happen and we're missing it (no!).

If you want some music news, go out and make some of your own!


Well, the new site is up, and it's been a long time, but I think that it's worth the wait. Thanks for checkin' in and letting us know about your bands, labels and interest in the Bay Area music scene.

New(ish) Releases:

The Life You Always Wanted (The Bittersweets) available Now on Virt Records

Etienne de Rocher (Etienne de Rocher) available Now

Decomposer (The Matches) available Now on Epitaph

No Midnight (Birdmonster) available Now

Madelia (Madelia) available Now

Cruise Control (dlucca) available Now

Play Dead (tomihira) available Now

Comes and Goes (Oranger) available Now on Eenie Meenie

What Ails You (EL Capitan) Now

Charmingly Awkward (Street to Nowhere) available Now

This City and All of the Cities EP (Little Yellow Perfect) available NOW

For the Season (Gris Gris) available NOW

descended like vultures (Rogue Wave) available Now on Subpop

Yawn+House=Explosion (20 Minute Loop) available NOW Fortune Records

Pixel Revolt (John Vanderslice) Available NOW- Barsuk