Our NETWORK page is loaded with people who can help you take your music to the next level. As with the rest of The Half Mile, these are people we trust to do you right. Of course, if you think there is someone missing, let us know!

Arrangers : Bassists : Drummers : Engineers : Entertainment Law : Guitarists : Management : Mastering Engineers : Keys Producers : Vocalists : Songwriters : Technicians / Repair Booking : Marketing / Promotion : Photographers : Rentals


Tim Gorman
Frank Martin
Steven Prutsman
Bill Spooner


Andrew Higgins
Dan Parenti
Joel Smith

Booking Agents:

High Road Touring
Mongrel Music
The Rosebud Agency


Paulo Baldi
Steve Bowman
Matt Boudreau
Bert Garibay (Last of the Blacksmiths)
Darian Gray
Gavin Haag (Elephone)
David Posner
Prairie Prince
Joel Smith
Boone Spooner


Matt Boudreau
Jamie Durr
Steve Fisk
Bert Garibay
Justin Lieberman
Chris Manning

Roy Mcneil
Alex Newport
Jay Pellicci
Justin Phelps
Aaron Prellwitz

J Robbins
Scott Solter
Boone Spooner
Chris Seifert
Lauren Tabak
Geoff Triplett
Chris Walla
Bob Weston
Mike Winger

Entertainment Law:

Michael Aczon
250 Addison St., Suite 211A
Berkeley, CA 94702
(510) 649-7900 phone
(510) 649-7969 fax
California Lawyers for the Arts: referrals, arbitration  & many resources
Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts: education, representation & advocacy; also National List of VLAs


Justin Lieberman

Billy Riordin
Bill Spooner
Mike Winger


Michael Aczon

250 Addison St., Suite 211A
Berkeley, CA 94702
(510) 649-7900 phone
(510) 649-7969 fax

ACM Records
: multi-service company, site does not yet describe management

Robert Bennett

Nettwerk Management
: many outstanding producers

Nick Krautter

Omega Productions
: also provides many production and event services


SOS Management
: small roster of producers and engineers

The Rosebud Agency

World's End
: many outstanding producers


660 York Street, Suite 216
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 642-1117 phone
(415) 318-8126 fax

Marketing & Promotion:

Motorgirl Productions
Jay Siegan Presents

Mastering Engineers:

John Cuniberti
Paul Stubblebine

Mike Wells
Stan Ricker
Michael Romanowski
John Golden


Peter Ellenby
Aaron Farley
Drew Goren
Heidi Hartwig
Dennis Kleiman
John Kraus
Gabriella Marks
Michael David Murphy
Lisa Nola
Michael Williams
Virgil Porter
Sara Sanger
Jon Strymish
Brian Tamborell

Pianist / Keyboards:

Tim Gorman
Frank Martin
Steven Prutsman


Matt Boudreau
Luke Dillon

Tony Espinoza
Dave Frazer
Jerry Harrison
Lef Lefferts Justin Lieberman
Chris Manning
Adam Munoz
Lisa Richmond
Adam Rossi
Bill Spooner
Mike Winger


David Denny
- (415) 441-5528
Steven Jarvis - (415) 482-6510

Studio Instrument Rental

520 Townsend St
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 957-9400

Union Music Co.
1475 Bush St
San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 775-6043

Sound On Stage
3182 Diablo Ave
Hayward, CA 94545
(510) 782-7000 voice
(510) 782-7008 fax
Or toll free at 1 800 899-6120


Dave Frazer
Justin Lieberman
Dan Parenti
Jimmy Riddle
Bill Spooner
Mike Winger
Boone Spooner

Technicians & Repairs:

(Bay Area Studio Engineering)- Michael Gore
Jack Crymes
Marc Dimmit

Skip Simmons Online:

AEA (Audio Engineering Associates)
: Wes Dooley's ribbon-mic repair, refurbishing and manufactured replicas

Audio Affects
: Alesis and Tascam repair, also rentals and transfers

Audio Upgrades
: making it better at the component level

Brent Averill
: classic vintage mic preamps/EQ in custom racks

Boutique Audio
: custom rack mounts for vintage modules

Desk Doctor
: audio facility tech support, many services

JRF Magnetics
: custom analog tape heads, assemblies and replacements

Little Labs
: routers, switchers and custom-designed products

Marquette Audio Labs
: custom racking and small studio construction in SF & LA

: keeping thousand-dollar mics in tip-top shape


Raz Kennedy
Tony Lindsay
Bill Spooner
Annie Stocking
Jeanie Tracy