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The Half Mile:

In an effort to help bay area musicians find the people, the places and the things that they need to make music, we have developed the "half mile system." Yes, 100% proven to be just what you need, when you need it. In fact, if you don't find what you need on this site, we will give you back your time, plus 10% interest (provided by our newly improved crystal powered time machine). That's how sure we are that you really will like what you see here.

The Spooners:

Boone Spooner
, Forgetful Indian - Boone is a local Producer, Engineer and Drummer. He has worked with many local bands including Elephone, My Revolver, Blown Cuda, Cameron Ember, Stratford 4, The Disappointment, Matt Bauer, Madelia and more... His love is in local music. He believes that a community is what makes great music, and great music is what we all need.

Lori Spooner
, "What's that song?" Researcher - Lori adamantley searches for the money and time to make this happen. She is a local school teacher and club goer. Not only does she believe in the local music community, but she believes in  teaching its children.

Anna Spooner
, Obsessive Aligner- Anna is a local graphic designer, and an impressive encyclopedia of local band history. Seriously, if you ever need to know anything about bands in the Bay Area, she will know it. To top it off she is completely obsessed with the Half Mile and its radio station, The Half Mile II.

Bill Spooner
, Sales Voice (quite impressive) - Bill is the founder of San Francisco based theatrical rock legends "The Tubes." He currently teaches songwriting, guitar and band workshops at Blue Bear School of American Music on Fort Mason in San Francisco. He continues to write, release albums and record and produce up and coming songwriters such as Kami Nixon, Lani Silver, Jim McVickers and many others. Occasionally he can be seen/heard playing around town with San Francisco's Famous Burlesque Orchestra or his beloved acoustic duo the Folk-Ups.

Mission Statement:

The Half Mile is here to help musicians and encourage the support and growth of the San Francisco Bay Area music community. We figured the best way to do that is to create a place we love. It may not list every place that exists in the world. In fact we only have the places we love and trust. That way we can be assured you are getting useful, quality information.

People we'd like to thank:

Justin Lierberman - Producer / Engineer - Justin has worked with local bands such as Creeper Lagoon, Kingstreet, Madelia, The Dissapointment and many others.

Daniel Parenti
- Bass / Composer - Dan has played bass for a myriad of local jazz bands, as well as been a session player on many more. He is a virtual network of musicians unto himself - with a phone book the size of the yellowpages.

Howard Johnston - Producer - Howard has worked with such greats as Brian Eno, The Tubes and many more local legends. He owned and ran Different Fur recording for many years and has helped produce hundreds of local bands throughout the years.

Mike Wells
- Mastering Engineer - Mike is first and foremost an excellant mastering engineer. But, he is also a local inspiration, writing and producing Gridlock (local music) and consistently speaking out in favor of locals working with locals.

Ryan & Brittani Polivka - Name Giver - What is a community without a name? These two are responsible for both the inspiration and name of this site – we cannot thank them enough!

Richard Opartnery
- Hope Inducer - Ricky is a local writer who works for McSweeney's and is currently writing his first, and amazing, novel.

Mike Winger
- Cult Favorite - Former lead singer for Dayroom, Mike now produces such local favorites as Beth Waters, Four Year Bender, Pedalsped and Forest Sun.